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Black Women Speak!

Ever started a new project/venture and just didn't know what was going to happen? You didn't know if you were up to the challenge. You had questions but no answers...

Well, that's how things started for me when I first learned about Black Women Speak through Horizon Theatre Company. The call for playwrights hit my inbox and I was intrigued.

Horizon Theatre announces the launch of the nationally recognized New Georgia Woman Project: Black Women Speak (BWS) program to develop plays that will amplify the voices of African-American women. BWS is a groundbreaking initiative to create works of and by Black women and for all, inspired by conversations with real Black women of Georgia through “Coffee Chats” on Zoom. Horizon through Black Women Speak has commissioned a cohort of nine Black female playwrights to create new plays to bring to the stage the stories, lives, and concerns of Black women.

Umm...yes, please. Sign me up! There aren't enough plays by Black women, for Black women on the American stage. I get to be a part of changing that? Yes. But, as my last post mentioned, there is life. I hadn't written in a while and I was also about 4 months pregnant. How would that interfere with the program, deadlines, etc.? Would I be able to keep up? I called the creator of the program, Marguerite Hannah, and the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey, so I saw the email and I love this! I'm so interested!

Marguerite: Good!

Me: Buuuuut, I think I should let you know that I'm pregnant.

Marguerite: Ooohh, I was wondering when that would happen! (Laughs loudly)

Me: It won't be an issue?

Marguerite: Girl, no! Send in that application.

Next thing I know, I'm one of the 9 playwrights chosen for the Black Women Speak cohort! I have no clue what I will write as a result but I look forward to the journey and my new perspective. I will juggle life and writing, each turn. So, I hope that you follow our journey, join the chats, and witness history in the making. We are changing the landscape and it's thrilling!

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