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Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Here we go again. Life throws a punch and I fall off the writing bandwagon. My apologies but I think life has been pretty crappy/crazy/ unexpected for all of us since, well, you know, COVID. So, allow me to reintroduce myself...


My name is Tramaine Brathwaite (actually now Tramaine Brathwaite Dowell since we last spoke), and life has been busy! I'm a Guyanese American playwright living in Georgia. I recently got married and had a baby girl. I've been busy with work, life, new home, new chapters, and balancing all of that in this pandemic world. And, as anyone else, all of these changes in life has caused my creative juices to dry up a bit. I stopped writing because of time, exhaustion, mentally capacity. I used to beat myself up because of that. "What kind of writer are you if you aren't writing?"


Then I learned grace of self. Life has been hard. We all have experienced a lot these last two years. We've grown. We've hurt. We've been moving forward when it was almost impossible. And it's okay to stop and breathe for a second, minute, month, year...there's nothing wrong with doing what you need for you. So, I've taken all of my experiences and added them to my writer's rolodex. Now, I'm back and ready to share.

Hello, I'm Tramaine. A wife, mother, friend, woman, playwright.

Welcome back.

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