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Fade To Black

On January 11th, I went to Houston, TX to take part in the Fade to Black Reading Series. Thank you again to everyone that donated and helped me reach my goal!

The evening was great, as always. My piece, Salt, was in the first Act and was well-received among the audience members. Special shout out to my team:

Director: Carrae Lanes

Frank: Terrance Mays

Anne: Kristina Sinclair

This team put so much work, grit, and soul into these characters and brought a new perspective to my work. I'm always humbled when my work is shared and appreciated.

Next up, Creede, CO for the Writer's Retreat. Look out for my update!

And for those playwrights out there, Fade To Black is looking for you!


PRESS RELEASE (For Immediate Release)


Building on the growing success and popularity of our previous years, Shabach Enterprise presents its seventh season of the Fade To Black Play Festival, Houston's only short play festival celebrating the new works of African American playwrights. Festival date: June 27-29, 2019, Houston, TX _______________________ SCRIPT SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2019 TO MONDAY, APRIL 1, 2019. 1. No fee is required. 2. No restriction of theme or genre. 3. Three (3) scripts submissions are allowed per playwright. 4. Selected playwright winners will be awarded a cash prize of $100.00. TO QUALIFY: 1. You must be the sole African-American author of the submitted work. 2. Previously published or produced work by the author or theatre/company is not allowed (See definitions below). 3. Play must run no longer than 8-10 minutes long on stage. (Consider conducting an informal reading to ensure). 4. Play should accommodate a “bare-stage” set requiring only a minimum of removable stage props and require basic lighting and sound cues. 5. Play must not be a musical. 6. Play must not be written for children or youth. 7. Play must not contain characters that are under 17 years old. 8. Play must not be a re-submission of previous Fade To Black play festival seasons. 9. Play must not be considered a translation or adaptation. 10. Play should be "stand-alone", separate body of work that has not been extracted from a larger, previously written play. 11. Author must be at least 18 years of age. 12. Play must be submitted in a PDF format. TO SUBMIT: 1. Complete the script submissions application. Submission link: 2. Upload pdf of original work. For more festival details go to DEFINITIONS: "Produced” - Your play was marketed for production date(s) by either you (its playwright) or a theatre company and was performed before an audience who purchased tickets to see the event. "Published" - Your play is an officially published work and commands royalties from the producing theater each time it is performed. Staged readings (formal or informal) are not considered productions. If your play has only had public or private readings but has not been produced as a full-scale stage performance, you are permitted to submit the play.

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