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New Happenings in Tramaine's World

To my wonderful believers and supporters, I am happy to announce some exciting news with you!

Last month I was notified that I was, again, selected to be a part of the Fade To Black Reading Series! Fade To Black is a national organization whose mission is to highlight new works of emerging African American playwrights. This is an incredible honor. My piece, Salt, will be produced in Houston, TX in January 2019. Last year, my 10 minute, Enigma, was selected and I received high praise. I am humbled to be asked back and have another opportunity to showcase my work.

Additionally, I was selected to participate in the National Winter Playwrights Retreat in February 2019. Created by the HBMG Foundation, the retreat provides respite and renewal for playwrights through workshops, "quiet" time, community, and escape. For one week, I will stay in Creede, CO. While in Creede, I will work on my newest full length, Remembering Montague, a story about 5 siblings coming together in the wake of family tragedy.

I am so thrilled and excited that my work is being recognized and nurtured. But, I need your help. I am sending you this email because you have always been a supporter of my work or have shown interest in where my career is going. In order to attend both events I need to raise $1,300 by January 1, 2019. Anything you can do to help me reach this goal would be greatly appreciated, as always. Below is a link to my PayPal account and a breakdown of costs for the trip.

You can donate here.

Round trip flight to Houston $200.00

Hotel in Houston (3 nights) $200.00

Rental Car in Houston $200.00

Round trip flight to Creede, CO $550.00

Dining in Creede (7 days) $150.00

Total $1,300.00

If you have any questions or want more details about both events, let me know! I'm always happy to talk about my writing. I appreciate your support and am grateful to you.

With all love and thanks,


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