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My Houston Debut

Big things are happening! I was recently asked to be a part of Fade to Black's Reading Series! Their mission is to produce and promote the work of African-American playwrights.

My piece, Enigma, was selected for their 2018 series! This means they will produce and market my work on their national platform! They will also provide me a reel of the performance. Lots of good stuff!

As such, the series will take place January 19-21, 2018 in Houston, TX. This is where I need your help! As much of an honor this is, I don't have the funds I need to get there. And I want to be there. I need to raise $850 in 30 days. That's doable. Will you help me reach my goal?

Your donation will go toward:

  • Plane Ticket

  • Hotel

  • Transportation

  • Meals

I'm looking at cost-effective measures to make this happen, but I need your help! This is only one step on my playwriting journey. I'm glad you can witness it and hope you can support.

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