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The Artist's Way-Week 2

So I finished week two of this book and I have to say that it went a bit better than the first. The morning pages got a little easier, even though I still didn't write them all 7 days! And, one day three I started to get into a groove with the pages. I was flowing and things were coming out of me that gave me pause. It was reflective. It was good. I just hate that I can't go back and reread them (that's one of the rules).

Another task that I didn't quite meet this week was my artist date. Time just slipped away from me. Ironically, one of the chapter end questions that she asks is what took up your time this week. LOL. When I look back, I'm quite confused as to what it was. My birthday recently passed and I took time to actually celebrate me. To stop, take time, and reflect on me and my accomplishments, not just the things I have yet to achieve. But, outside of that, where did my time go?

It's amazing to think about how much we waste on frivolous things, or things that seem important in the moment but in hindsight could have taken a back seat. One thing I hope this book helps me to achieve is being present in the moment. I want to make sure that I relish each part of my present day. I don't want to ask, "where did the time go?" when it is too late to recover or change course.

What do you do with your time in a given week? What is a time suck in your life? How do you plan to change that?

#productive #time #productivity #focused #focus #determination #discipline

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