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The Artist's Way

So, if you are following me on social media, you will see that I started reading this book entitled, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.

People told me about this book. Highly suggested that I read the book and finally I listened to the call. And man, I'm glad that I am.

It's a twelve week course where Julia takes your through different exercises and methods to break through artistic blocks. She gives you tips and methods to refill your well, and then ways to get water from it once it's full. I'm in week one and I've already gotten so much from the knowledge that she is dropping.

Two biggest things that I am looking forward to and, at the same time, dreading:

1. Morning Pages- this is where she asks you to write three pages, non-stop, every morning. You get up a little bit earlier than normal and write until you hit the end of page three. This, in theory, sounds amazing, but I also am not looking forward to this. I already failed on day one. That snooze button on my alarm clock just kept calling out to me. But, I did do the pages, just not first thing in the morning. I am looking forward to what comes of this. A mentor of mine suggested that I get into this practice a long time ago but I dragged my feet. You have all of these thoughts running through your head. "What if I have nothing to say?" "What in the world am I going to write about for three pages?" She suggests that you push past those thoughts and just do it, even if you just write "I have nothing to write." for three pages. It all makes me nervous, but I know it is necessary.

2. Artist Date- Julia suggests that you take yourself on a weekly date. By yourself. We have to do things to refill our creative well and we can't do it with someone else tagging along. So, this could be going to the craft store, taking yourself to a museum, go bowling, whatever. I'm actually kind of excited about this part. My only reservation is finding time. I have a crazy, hectic schedule and I'm always so tired. But, I know that I need to carve this time out to nurture the creativity in me or it will die. This isn't something that I just want to do...I HAVE to do it! I'm actually looking forward to this and I have a couple dates in mind, already. I even plan to turn off my phone while I'm on my date. No distractions. Just me and my creative self.

I'm excited to see where this journey takes me and I'm going to keep you all posted over the next twelve weeks about my progress.

Have you read this book? What did you think about it? What did you get out of it? Let me know your thoughts!

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