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Amplify Your Vision

I talk to myself almost non-stop. Sometimes it’s to give myself a pep talk, to talk myself up to doing what feels impossible or unlikely to succeed. Now, pursuing a career in cinematography, I also needed a project that I could repeat over and over to teach myself about developing a specific visual style. The Monday Motivation series is both a way to spread the encouragement that was previously kept to myself, as well as a space for me to practice my craft. Follow the series as it continues to evolve by subscribing to my youtube channel at

And check out this past week's post about amplifying your vision. Click the picture below!

Anton Vidale is a cinematographer, editor, and educator. He loves using his skills and talents in filmmaking to inspire and encourage people to believe beyond the believable. He is also a mentor at heart, donating his time to teach teens to tell their own stories through the camera. You can follow his journey on his website,

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