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What to Do When Your Main Thing is Leaving You Uninspired

So you were head over heels in love with your main thing. You got a rush every time you had to show up, good days and bad. You pushed through the disappointments, challenges, and dead ends.


Because your main thing meant the world to you and there was no hurdle you wouldn't jump to maintain your connection to it. However, after some time you started to notice that you were becoming less inspired by the main thing, and started to find yourself suddenly excited to explore other options. But to abruptly walk away seemed way too hasty, so you stopped flirting with the idea of walking away and just kept showing up even though your heart wasn't in it anymore. Now you're feeling unmotivated, stuck, and unhappy--and you can't figure out why. I think I can help, friend. It's time to reinvent yourself.

Feeling stuck and disconnected from your work can be frustrating and confusing. You're making money, building the career, but if you're honest, it's not really what you want. It's just not fulfilling.

So now what?

My recommendation is to start exploring the thing that you find most fulfilling. But don't walk away from what you're currently doing just yet. The rent still gotta get paid, boo. Let's not get crazy. Instead, take the time to test and build your idea. For example, maybe you're a freelance writer working steadily in the ad industry, but you'd much rather write and produce plays. Ok, great. How about taking a class or a workshop? Perhaps join a writer's room in your area and perfect your craft over time. While a member of the writer's room, you could write the play, have a reading and/or cast some (actor) friends, or hold a casting call. Once you've got your cast, rent out a space that's within your budget. Invite family, friends, and your fans to buy tickets to come out and see it! BAM! You just wrote and produced your first play. DONE...and you just keep building from there.

"But Tash, that's easier said than done! I don't have any extra money to rent a theatre. I don't have time to write. I don't have a pencil. My computer is broke."


You're scared and that's normal. But don't cut yourself off from new opportunities because of fear. Fear is a monster that we all have the power to conquer when we start doing! Trust me, the fear doesn't leave. You're gonna have to do this afraid.

Ok, so back to my original example about producing a play: if funds are low, hold the event in a smaller space, reach out to a community center, or a studio space. There are TONS of inexpensive options, and you have more resources at your disposal than you realize.

"But I don't like that building. The lighting is bad."

Boo! The building doesn't matter. It's the experience that you offer inside the building that you gotta focus on. And we both know that that you can surely put your stank on your event, and create an extraordinary experience that is LIT for your guests---with your fly, creative self! Am I right about it? Then let the church say, "Yaaaassss!!"

Seriously, you can do this. Is it possible that your first step may not work out or be profitable? Of course! We all struggle to make that first pancake perfect. But regardless, you're guaranteed to come out with a better understanding of what it will take to go higher and your confidence will have gotten a boost too! Why? Cause you did it, boo. And being on the other side of fear, discouragement, and doubt always feels good.

My point, there's only one way out of the slump, and that's to simply push through and do it. Start taking baby steps to dig your way out of whatever hole you're currently in. Don't wait for another motivational speech or seminar. You don't need it! Everything you need is already in your hands. Just take a step---one step. It's all on you. You got this! Go be great.

To dreams fulfilled, Latasha

Latasha Kennedy is a screenwriter, producer, and actress. This wife and mom of two, creates fun, inspiring, and educational family-friendly content for young women, young families, and the African-American community at large. When she's not trying to totally inspire her peers and a generation of young folks, she's hiding in the bathroom from her two rambunctious boys. #momlife You can learn more about Latasha and her current projects by visiting her website,

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