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When the Motivation is Gone


That's been the word of the day for a few days lately.

I've got to find the motivation.

To get up out of my comfortable bed.

To deal with the crazy Atlanta traffic.

To go into an office with some interesting characters.

To write.

To workout.

To write.

To write.

To write.

I've told you all about life it hit fast and hard. And when that happens, I'm learning how to honor that space. To give it its respect and not rush getting the rest, or whatever it is, I need in that moment. But, the hard part is coming out of it. Knowing when it's time to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and move forward. And then when you do recognize it, how do you do it? You've gotten a little lazy. A little used to doing nothing. A bit comfortable with the routine of nothingness. I have to admit, ignoring responsibilities, at times, feels pretty good. But, we're all adults and life doesn't care about your needs.

So, here I am, getting back into the swing of things and it's hard guys! I don't wanna! I'm like a little kid throwing a tantrum.

But I know what's necessary. I have goals to meet. I have ambitions that won't die, despite my occasional laziness.

I have to get motivated.

When I get into that mindset, I do a few things:

1. Make a list. I write out all of the things that I need to get gone and want to get done. Know the difference.

2. Make a timeline. I set out a calendar and plot out my days, weeks. For example, Tuesday-write for an hour, Wednesday- workout, etc. If I see it, it makes it more tangible.

3. Accountability. I've said it before...the importance of accountability. If I don't have someone to keep the fire lit under me, I may not accomplish what I want when I need to. Or, I will, but it will take a lot longer than it needs.

4. Prioritize. I'm still learning to do this when it comes to my goals. I'm great at doing it everywhere else in my life. But, I guess the overachiever in me wants to meet all of my goals all at once. Not possible. So, I have to list out what should get done, NOW. And it's not the entire list.

5. Take it one day at a time. With all of this planning and goal setting, at the end of the day, you can only live one day and one moment at a time. Take each day and hit it hard. And, if you don't get to everything on the list, that's okay, there's always tomorrow. Just hit tomorrow with the same tenacity, if not more.

Motivation is tricky and is different for everyone. But I know the goals that I want to meet and my laziness won't get me there. My competitiveness won't let me stay complacent.

This list works for me. Find what works for you and let me know. What gets and keeps you motivated? Comment and share.

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