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Life's Few Curve Balls

I wasn't going to post again this week. Really didn't want to. Really didn't feel like I had much to say.

It's been an exhausting couple of weeks. I've mentally and emotionally just wanted to check out on EVERYTHING. Life was hitting me left and right.

And when life comes at me fast and hard there are a few things that I want to do:

1. Crawl into a hole and disappear for a few days. I mean, no phones, no communication with the outside world. Locked away while I recharge.

2. Clean. Cleaning is therapeutic for me. It helps me to declutter my mind and emotions while I declutter my personal living space. If that's clean, all is right with the world. Not really. I realized that the real reason is because cleaning allows me to control my surroundings. I can control how things look when I feel like I've lost control everywhere else in my life. I can make my living environment make sense when nothing else doesn't. Not trying to get too deep but, it's my outlet.

3. Shut everyone out. This isn't healthy. Some would say it's not even normal, but, I do. I feel like no one else can understand these feelings and angst (a bit dramatic, I know), but I keep things bottled up from other people.

4. I'm a writer. So, when I don't know how to form the words and articulate them, I write them. Sometimes that works. Sometimes, I lose my words there too. But, some of my best writing has come out of my biggest pains.

This cycle on the merry-go-round, I've wanted to just escape. I've talked a lot about community as an artist. How that's imperative to keep us going and motivated. But, I also realize the importance of it as we, artist or not, just do life.

I'm learning my balance and how to choose greater.

So, what are some of your go-tos when life hits you fast?

#life #moments #tired #community #peace

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