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Life's Questions

I wasn't going to post this week. I was going to take a break and resume in the near future. This past week has been a rough one, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

My last post was about the unexpected. How true that post rang out this last week. I lost a friend. She fought hard against the cancer. Now, she's no longer in pain.

Death, at any age, can be a hard thing to handle and process. But, when it was someone who was considered young, it's a bigger pill to swallow. It feels unfair, unimaginable, unjust. Death also has a way of making you look and process things differently. Trying to make sense of the life you live.

I don't have answers for the way life plays out. I don't always understand why things happen the way it does in this crazy world. I do have my faith in a higher power and that gives me some rest and peace. But, the questions, at times, still linger. So, I am grateful for community. Grateful for my craft. Grateful for the outlets I have around me when nothing else makes sense. It helps...doesn't erase, but helps.

What do you do when your life doesn't make sense? When the unexpected happens? When things seem to be upside down?

#community #unexpected

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