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The Unexpected

Ever received some news that was completely unexpected? It just hit you out of no where and you had no clue that it was coming?

That was me a few weeks ago. In one moment, a part of my environment changed without notice.

World spinning.

No, we will not stop and carry on. I must wade in this pool of misery (Okay, that's a little on the dramatic side but we've all been there.)

So, how do you combat those feelings? How do you react in the moment? Good or bad?

As an artist, I feel like this is a natural part of the journey. One call tells you that you did, or did not, get the part. One email changes your career path for the good or makes you feel a little defeated. It only takes one moment.

When those moments occur, and they will, trust me, are you prepared for the outcome? No matter what that may look like? If your answer is no, maybe you should start to figure that out. I don't have the magic list of the do's and don'ts. I wish that I did. But, I do know that life will always be full of unexpected surprises, things that you won't be able to figure out, moments that you cannot explain. And whether it be good or bad, sometimes it throws you for a loop, so you should prepare yourself. Brace yourself for this journey.

As an artist, we signed up to be on a crazy ride. You ready for all the sudden turns?

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