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Get Biz Savvy with Your Art

I've always been an atypical artist. I believe in arts for art's sake, but I also believe that we must treat our art as a business. I mean, you want to make a living doing this thing, don't you? Then you've got to treat it like you would any other job.

So, I've partnered up with a friend and fellow playwright, Amina McIntrye. You might remember her blog post a few months back. Amina McIntyre is a playwright, artist coach, and founder of Artz and Biz. Amina’s been where you are, for years creating while training, studying and trying on different hats to make a living to supplement her writing. She knows what it’s like to have yourself feel so divided that you can’t quite get focused on the one thing.

Because of that, she created The Online Artist Residency!

If you’re someone who’s been in your artistic career for a while, but are still fuzzy about the numbers/law/administrative side of it all, you may be wondering if it’s possible to get a handle on it all. I have great news for you: you can. This FREE Summit joins creatives like yourself, coaches, and arts non-profit groups from various genres including visual arts, theatre, social media and law to discuss the business behind the arts.

I’m sharing my expertise on “The Online Artist Residency: How to Make a Thriving Career Out of Your Craft and Build a Financially Abundant Business” which begins June 6th. You’ll be gifted with free insights and advice from myself and 20 other top experts as apart of Amina's amazing interview series.

Get serious about your craft. Join this summit and get this free information. We always talk about broke artists. Well, here is info, that is free, and valuable. There's absolutely no excuse.

Click the banner and sign up! Summit begins next week!

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