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I'm So Scared!

Let's talk about courage.

My little sister is one of the bravest people I know. Let me warn you now, this post is about her. So, if you don't want to read about me gushing over all her greatness you should exit now. There's the door.

If you're still here, awesome! I promise, you'll get some feel goods out of this. Like I said, she is so full of courage, more than she realizes. More than I think she believes she has. For those that follow me on social media, you know that she recently packed up all of her belongings and moved across the country to L.A. She had been talking about it for a few years and she finally did it. I couldn't be more proud of just doing it. So many people say they will do something and then days, weeks, months, years later, they are still sitting in the same place talking about the SAME thing. Well all know the one.

But she did it!

Did it scare her? Of course!

Did people think she was nuts or should stay closer to home? Yup!

But she didn't let those Negative Nancys and Bitter Beckys keep her from doing what her heart and soul were screaming at her to do. She knew that was what she had to do. She's there glowing and shining and twirling on the haters!

I remember when we flew out there to get her settled, she and I had a sister moment. I remembered my move to Atlanta. I wanted to encourage her that the puzzle may not make sense now but you have to keep fitting in the pieces to eventually see the final picture. Your surroundings will not always align. Things will not always be easy. But as long as your GUT is at peace then you are in the right place.

When I moved to Atlanta it was hard, at first. I didn't know how everything was going to work out. One thing I do know is that not once did I feel in my gut that I made the wrong decision. I held on to that feeling with a death grip. Like a saint with a prayer cloth. If I didn't, I would've let those external circumstances run me back home. I wasn't about to let that happen. And my sister is holding on to the same GUT feeling. She won't let that happen either.

So, for all of my fellow artists out there, hold on! It's okay to be scared, but don't stop. Don't let the Shady Sallys tell you that you made the wrong decision. You are the only one who knows that. What's your GUT saying? And if you don't know, start listening to it! It's okay to be scared but don't let your fear make the decisions. You do that!

To my brave and courageous sister, keep going! A lot of people can learn from your example. I know I have.

#scared #artist #journey #determination #leap #fear #brave #persistence

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