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Setting Achievable Goals and Actually Meeting Them

If you're like me, you are an over-achiever. I can admit that! It's a great trait to have, and sometimes, not so much. So, here's my confession:

I will set goals, maybe too many, and try to achieve them all at once. Then I get frustrated when I'm overwhelmed by all the goals that I set for myself in the first place, and feel like I won't achieve them.

Whew! Don't judge. This is a safe space, remember? But, again, if you're like me, that statement resonated with you in some fashion. Yeah?

I am a goal junkie. I get all these great ideas and want to do them now! There's no time like the present. an adult...reality.

They slap me back to that resolute place. "Tramaine, you are not SuperWoman, as much as you may want to be. Slow down."

Slow down...

I had to admit to myself, I cannot do everything as soon as I think it. There just aren't enough hours in the day. I'm one individual (as bad as I may be, I'm still only one). And I like sleep. So, I had to take a simple, and kind of common sense approach, to achieving my long goal list. I'll share.


1. Set Condensed Goals

Setting big goals can seem lofty. You're all motivated to do it then, BAM! You fail after one week. Disappointed, you give up and don't try again. So, break those goals up! Instead of saying, "I'm going on a six month diet." Say, "I'm going to change my lifestyle habits and I'm going to try with the next 7 days."

Seven days seems a lot more doable than six months, right? Then, when you achieve that goal, say, "Okay, I did this for seven days. Let's try another seven." Next thing you know, you've got a couple months under your belt. Rudimentary, but it works. Sometimes, you just have to trick your brain like that.

2. Make Em' Bite Sized

Take those condensed goals and make them more bite sized. For example, I drink a good amount of water but wanted to up my game. So I said, "I'm going to try to drink a gallon of water, a day, before 5pm, for the next week (here's my condensed goal). Then I took my gallon of water and made markers on it (I'm sure you've seen this before). Eight am, 10am, noon, and so on. I gave myself daily, bite sized goals. The first day I did it, I felt accomplished. The second day, amazing. Now, the week has gone, I did it, and I achieved my ultimate condensed goal because of the bite sized ones. Make sense?

3. Set the mission

For any goal that you set, lofty, condensed, or bite sized, know the purpose and mission behind why you are doing it. A lot of times, we start things not really knowing or understanding why we have taken on this monumental task. But, if I have a mission statement of sorts or a vision behind my goal, it drives me to completion. So, when the moments get tough, I can refer back to my mission and keep going. I can post it somewhere that I will see it everyday to set the tone. For instance, I'm drinking even more water to see certain improved health benefits. So, when 2pm comes around and I don't think I can have one more glass, I remember the health benefits, and I drink the water (plus, I'm slightly competitive and don't like to lose, so, there's that).

4. Find Someone to Talk to

Accountability! I cannot stress that enough! Tell someone that you know will give you that good, swift kick in the butt to get it done! I'm not talking about that friend that barely puts up an argument, but that person that you are probably afraid to tell your goals to because you know they'll hound you about it. Yeah, that person. Tell them. Share your fears and hesitations with them, but share. If you know you won't hold yourself to it, it's okay to ask for help.

5. Keep Going

Once you've accomplished that goal, move on to the next one. I promise, you'll get more accomplished breaking things down and going after it bit by bit than trying to take a bite out of everything at once. Reward yourself for achieving your goal and then keep working! You've got a long list to get through!

So, breathe, step back, and get those goals done!

I believe in you.

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