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I'm the Mysterious, Quiet Type

When I step into a room that I am unfamiliar with, I get quiet. I observe my surroundings and soak in everything that I can see. Some people mistake that for being an introvert or shy. My real reason…I’m just a writer.

I’ve always been an observant person. I take in what I see and then I write about it. That’s my source of inspiration…my life, the lives of the people in my circle. I always joke, “Don’t tick me off. You’ll become a character in one of my plays.” But what better source for great drama than the people you encounter.

When I write, I can think back to a specific time in my childhood, a moment in college, or just sitting around with my family or friends, and pull a story or two out of my memory card catalog. I tell people all the time, “I really can’t make this stuff up!”

Well, I can, a little, but I didn’t have to stretch too far!

I have colorful people in my life. I come across interesting characters just walking into a coffee shop. I guess, as a writer, the universe just knows that this is what I’m destined to do so it provides me with a lot of content. Free of charge. I just have to stay still and watch.

So, when I walk into a room and you see me mysterious and quiet, I’m not shy…I’m just writing.

#writer #artist #shy #quiet #observant

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