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Welcome to My New World

Welcome to my new site.

Hopefully, you've taken a look around and you'll keep coming back for more. I want to share my writing world with you, each step of the way. This is the best way to do it! You can stay up-to-date with all of my news and pieces. And, you can stop by my blog to just hear how things are going. See the good, bad, and stuck moments of writing. I also want to use this part of my site to introduce you to some pretty awesome women that I know. These women are fantastic artists in their own right and I think they have some words of wisdom to share with you too! Just a little Woman Artist Magic coming your way!

So, subscribe, stay tuned, and drop an encouraging note now and again. My hope is to create a community for us to keep each other motivated. We all need that because it's hard out here. We get down, we feel discouraged, and we wonder whether we should keep going. Yes, keep going! Don't give up. And connect with some powerful people that will push you along. I hope that this becomes one of those places.


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