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Tramaine Brathwaite is a Guyanese-American playwright and writes about topics that are honest, uncomfortable, and sometimes taboo.  She believes that life is a play waiting to happen…just write.  Some of her written plays include: Unnerving Stains, Enigma, Last Train to Glen Echo, Point…Blank…Period!, and Count It All Joy.  She also wrote and produced a short film entitled Unheard.  Tramaine was a 2015-2016 Horizon Theatre Company Apprentice, 2016-2017 Working Title Playwrights Rhame Scholarship recipient, a 2017-2018 Atlanta Women in Theatre Mentorship recipient, and is a member of The Dramatist Guild.  In 2017, Tramaine was published in The Louisville Review No. 81. 


She holds a B.S. in Business from the University of Maryland College Park and a Masters in Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University.  She uses her experiences and writes pieces that speak to the realities around her.  Tramaine is a Maryland native residing in Atlanta, GA. 



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Check out my latest journey to Creede, CO!  It was a Residency for Playwrights and I'm thinking on that time now!

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Stop by for a snippet of past works or current projects!  If you see it below I'm either trying to rework it or it's a new piece under construction.  So, take a read and leave a comment.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  You know, for those 'writer's block' moments.

Title: Unnerving Stains


You’re not making sense.  (Grabs Desiree’s head with both hands, but in a loving, tender way.)  What’s going on in there?



I needed to make it stop.



The noise.  Right.  You’ve said that, but we really need to-/



People like that need to learn lessons.  How do you get better?  How do you learn if no one shows you better?



So you had to teach her a lesson…



You can’t keep being a bully.



You’re right…



(The tone is her voice changes the room.)  There must be consequences for your actions…



What did she do, Des?


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